Early Voting starts Oct. 22 - Nov. 2. Election Day is November 6th!

Eric Lee (ET) Tunchez for City Council, District 3




Corpus Christi residents should have safe roads with lighting and sidewalks for people walking, riding bicycles, and wheelchairs on. Residential roads have for too long been neglected by our past city council members. With hurricane seasons in forecasts we also must have an efficient drainage system to prevent flooding and federal aid ready in case of state emergency. Cleaning drainage systems before flooding can prevent business and residential water damages. We should also have safe drinking water with serious conservation initiatives.

Public Safety

Public safety is important with the quality of life. We should continue to have a strong police force and effective fire fighting service for all neighborhoods of Corpus Christi. We must have programs for community residents to get to know police officers that can help build trust within the community by becoming more accessible to residents. Not only should we have enough police officers in the area, but a large amount of quality police officers with developmental training and effective equipment that protects our peace officers on duty. 

Public Transportation

We must have efficient and reliable transportation for all residents in Corpus Christi. With major roads that still need to be fixed, Corpus Christi’s growth is in a position to stop fixing major roads and start building a railway system for our future. Railway systems are more efficient, reliable, greener and safer. I will work hard with state representatives and federal agencies to ensure a railway system is commenced to being built on a major road soon. We should also have crossover bridges on major highways into residential areas to prevent pedestrian casualties. 

Public Education

We should have youth and adult programs to ensure high school graduates get enrolled to colleges and vocational schools at all neighborhood parks and recreations along with bullying prevention initiatives by the city for quality of life. We should educate residents on stormwater management for unwanted discharges in sewers and pollution prevention measures.


We must restore accountability in Corpus Christi City Hall. I will remain in our fiscal budgets and approve policies that will ensure that taxpayers will have a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment. Furthermore, I will significantly increase efficiency for departments of the city of Corpus Christi. I will ensure to work with other council members to ensure that we cut wasteful spending and voice for a zero based budget to allocate more funds to the proper areas needed. 


We must have fair distribution of opportunistic jobs that the city of Corpus Christi develops through business incentives. We must acknowledge that there are plenty of medicore jobs in the restaurant industry that pay minimum wage to $10 an hour, but not enough jobs that pay $12-15 an hour. We need equal oppurtunity for residents. Eric Tunchez will partner with the Port Authority for better jobs. Fight for adequate water supply to bring in more industries to the district for better paying jobs.